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Conferences and Medical Updates


Pancreatic insufficiency

Tuesday, August 18, 2015





The gold standard is quantification of the coefficient of fat absorption (CFA); this requires patients to maintain a strict 5-day diet containing 100 g of fat/day and collection of all faeces produced over the last 3 days for faecal fat quantification.”

Despite most patients with CP and [EPI] having vitamin D deficiency, it is not a useful marker of [EPI] due to the high prevalence of this deficiency in the general population, at least in northern countries,” and “[p]lasma proteins may also be useful for the diagnosis of [EPI], with evidence suggesting that lower RBP is a marker for [EPI], at least in patients with CP.”. Retinol binding protein

[EPI] may have a deficiency in a particular parameter, any nutritional evaluation for [EPI] should comprise multiple nutritional markers, and include at least circulating levels of fat soluble vitamins (preferably vitamin E), prealbumin, RBP, zinc and magnesium.”