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Conferences and Medical Updates

Immunosuppression and HBV / HCV

HCV maybe responsible for lymphoma, especially Mantle cell and Hepatosplenic T cell lymphoma. If HCV and those two lymphoma – Rx HCV

HCV and cirrhosis and patient undergoing chemotherapy – Rx early

HCV and no cirrhosis and undergoing chemotherapy – Rx after chemo

Evaluation of HBV in immunosuppression –

Check Hep B s Ag. If positive – Limuvidine or any other medicine

Must be Hep B s Ag before labeling them carrier or chronic HBV

Hep B s Ab positive – immune

Hep B s Ab (total) positive and even if Hep B s Ag neg – Rx if patient is on aggressive chemo with Rituximab for lymphoma. In other scenarios – chances of HBV relapse due to ccDNA integration in host hepatocyte genome is 6%