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Conferences and Medical Updates

HCV and HBV 2016 management


Mutant is – hep b e Ag neg, high ALT and HBV DNA more than 2000 Rx

Hep B eAg positive, high ALT and hbv DNA more than 20,000 Rx

Hep BsAg pos, hep B c Ab pos, low DNA less than 2000 – age more than 40 Rx.  Less than age 40 – liver Bx or observe

Hep C GT 1a : NS5A resistance positive zepetier plus ribavarin for 16 weeks

NS5A negative zepetier 12 weeks


Viekera plus ribavarin  if cirrhosis 24 weeks. If no cirrhosis 12 weeks

Ribavarin is always weight based. Weight more than 75 kg 1200 mg and less than 75 1000 mg

HVV GT 1B : viekera pack or zepetier 12 weeks – both cirrhosis or non cirrhosis

Type 2 : epclusa 12 weeks or sofusbuvir plus ribavarin 12 weeks

Type 3 : non cirrhotic : epclusa 12 weeks or dac plus sofusbuvir 12 weeks

If cirrhotic add weight based ribavarin