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Conferences and Medical Updates

DDW NASH update : Dr Hwan Yoo


                i.         NASH if F2

              ii.         Progression more likely in DM, high ALT or high A2

             iii.         Potential regimens for NASH  : Exenatide (byetta), Metformin plus omega 3 FA, FXR agonist such as OCA or change in gut microbiome with rifaximin or insulin type prebiotic or silymarin (component of milk thistle)

             iv.         Metformin plus PUFA 1 gm / day : Improved parameters associated with fibrosis

              v.         PPAR agonist : PanPPAR agonist elafibranor 80 mg / day : reduced fibrosis and resolution of NASH and improved biochemical markers :  Investigations drug IVA337

             vi.         Bioactive lipids : have anit apoptic effective and anti inflammatory effect.

           vii.         Silymarin  : improves elastography and inflammation score

          viii.         New studies to come out FLINT and Regenerate study

             ix.         Rifaximin 1100 mg / day.  Showed biochemical and metabolic markers.

               x.         Insulin type prebiotic : InerginR 16 gm/day helps especially in DM and high BMI

             xi.         Rifaximin was better than norfloxacin for SBP prophylaxis :1200 mg refiaximin /day

            xii.         Cipro once a week is as good as norfloxacin daily